Fireworks YEP Light

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The Fireworks YEP Light is a fan favorite! It comes in 4 different finish colors: Silver Vein, Gold Vein (as shown), Stardust & Rootbeer. See all 4 of these finish options above in next photo. If you do not see the color of finish you want as an option, this means we are currently sold out of it.

This also comes with a Color Changing LED Light Top. Watch your light illuminate in all colors of the rainbow.

Each YEP Light is made out of heavy steel tubing, and is powder coated inside and out for weather durability. Place where your YEP Light will get at least 4-6 hours of full sunshine to ensure a bright and long illumination at night.

Easily get to the batteries to replace when needed. A set of instructions/care info and contact info will be sent with each order.